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With full web hosting integration, making your own website has never been easier!

Most webhosts or web designers build websites using Content Management Systems, such as Joomla (with horrible security flaws) or Wordpress (one of the most popular CMS).

Most CMS software require technical installation on the web hosting server where issues can arise like folder permissions, firewall blockages or software mis-configuration. Because these systems are designed 'generically' to work on the maximum number of hosting operating systems, they are not, by their very nature, tailor made solutions from a security standpoint.


Most CMS's require safe_mode turned off. This is a server security setting used to make sure unauthorised data is not written to the server. Since safe_mode is off (as the name suggests, it would not be safe), those sites get hacked - a lot!

From a security standpoint, the likelihood of Site Spot being hacked is very low. Not only because data is encrypted in the database or due to the secure method data is transferred between servers, but also because it is proprietary software. safe_mode remains on at all times.

Open Source (ie, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) Vs Proprietary

Popular open source CMS's get hacked because hackers can see the source code! It's freely available for anyone to download. Hackers can analyse the code to find security holes, and will inevitably find websites online using the same version of the open source software to exploit. On one hand it's a game to 'test' their hacking abilities where on the other, it may be for more malicious reasons. Each security hole found is discussed and bragged about on hacker forums and within the hacker community which inevitably leads to more hacking.

No Technical Knowledge Required

Site Spot was designed from the ground up with a large focus on ease of use. Because it has been developed by Value Hosting Australia, we were able to discuss features and requirements with real paying customers. During this period of research, some customers couldn't wait for the system to be built.

Our customers told us:

  • They don't want to install extra software on their computer.
  • The system MUST be easy to use.
  • It must be quick.
  • The learning curve must be very small.

Requested features that we heard again and again:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Hit Counter
  • Easy to create booking or contact forms.
  • Simple and elegant menu system, with multiple tiers.
  • Image gallery.
  • Blog capability.
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Easily change colours and templates.

From a development point of view, this is no easy feat, but we listened and implemented every requested feature, plus more we thought would be useful.

Site Spot is a cloud-based Web App. Users of Site Spot do not need to have any web design skills. There is no software to install on your computer as everything is done in the browser. This also gives the capability of your website being updated from any device connected to the internet.

Integrated Systems

Content management systems are either pre-hosted solutions or downloadable files to be installed on your chosen web host.

The pre-hosted solutions are beneficial to non-technical users because the software is already setup for you.

But most pre-hosted CMS solutions are not fully integrated web hosting solutions. They still require you to purchase a domain name through a separate business, and if you want email addresses attached to your domain (eg, somebody@mydomain.com.au), you'd need to purchase this from yet another business.

Site Spot is fully integrated. All aspects related to your online presence can be included within the package - all with one company. One invoice helps lower your admin time and helps avoid missed expiry dates from multiple elements from different companies.


Site Spot was developed by Value Hosting Australia, the same company that manages all Site Spot servers. This tight-knit team of developers, hardware provisioning and system administrators ensure the very best performance and optimisation for Site Spot users.

Technical issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. If the user requires technical support or advice, our 1300 phone number is just a local call cost and answered by Australian staff with extensive knowledge of the system. Plus there is all-hours email support.

Extended Reach

With Facebook quickly approaching an enormous 1 billion users, it is essential to be involved, whether socially or from a business perspective. Nearly every 2nd person in Australia uses Facebook. That's over 10 million of us - just in Australia.

Facebook integration is included within Site Spot. You can post blog articles to your Facebook news feed, others can 'like' your website and much more.

Site Spot is also compatible with YouTube! Embed YouTube videos directly into your website with ease.

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