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If you would like to renew your domain name with Value Hosting Australia instead of your old registrar, we can attempt to transfer your domain name to us.

We have set out some guidelines to determine whether your domain name will be accepted for transferral.

1) The domain must not be closer than 2 weeks to expiry.

2) The domain status must be 'Active' and not locked in any way.

3) The domain information must contain a valid email address that you have access to.

4) Some registrars do not allow transfers or are simply too difficult to transfer from. We don't accept transfers from Network Solutions, GoDaddy and some other registrars.

The form below is simply a transfer request. We do not guarantee your domain will be transferred or renewed. It is the responsibility of the domain owner to check the status of your domain transfer to ensure it goes through 100%. Feel free to email us for an update.

If you would like to apply for a transfer request, please fill out the form below as accurately as possible.

E-Mail Address:
Domain to be Transferred:
Domain Expiry Date:
Current Registrar:
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