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How To Remove Spam Automatically

First, you should set up Spam Filtering in the Plesk control panel.

Then, after you have logged in to your webmail facility ie. http://webmail.{yourdomainname}

1) {cog icon} > Preferences > Mail

2) Filters

Tick: Apply filter rules upon logging on.

Tick: Apply filter rules whenever Inbox is displayed.

3) Edit filter rules

4) New rule (left green button)

- Rule name: SPAM
- Subject Line: ***SPAM***
- Do this: -- either delete message completely, or delivery to folder: spam
- Mark messages as seen

How To Get Rid of Deleted Mail

When viewing the list of emails, there is a checkbox on the left column.

The first checkbox will tag all the other boxes below it.

Alternatively, you can tick each box to tag the email. Tag all emails you want to delete.

Just above those boxes is a link titled "Delete". Click on that.

IMPORTANT: At this point, emails are still not removed from your mailbox. They are just *pending* delete. You still need to take one more step.

Next, look towards the top right of the screen and click the link "Other" and then "Purge Deleted".

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