Thunderbird is one of our recommended FREE email clients. Available for both PC and Mac. Download here.

To setup your emails in Thunderbird, go to

Tools > Account Settings

Click the button 'Add Account'

Select 'Email Account'.

Enter your name and email address.

In the next window, your incoming mailserver is mail.{yourdomainname}:

Click Next and enter your full email address as the User Name.

Click Next. Enter the Account Name, which can be anything to indentify the account.

Finish. But wait, now select the account you just created and make sure the same boxes are ticked under 'Server Settings':

Under 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)', click Add...



Some Internet Service Providers ("ISP" eg, Bigpond, Optus etc) require you to send emails through their own mailserver, and not through an external mailserver such as ours. This is not a problem and your emails will still be received and sent correctly.
Please change the outgoing mailserver in your email program to your ISP's outgoing mailserver. If you are not sure what it is, please contact your ISP.

However, if you feel you have to use our server to send mail, you would first need to make sure your ISP is not blocking port 25.
Then in your email program, select to send mail using Authentication, and enter your email address as the username, along with your mailbox password when requested.

You're done. Click OK.

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