Setup Wordpress

NOTE: Your Web Hosting account includes 'One-Click' installation of Wordpress from within the control panel.


1. First step is to download the latest version from Wordpress website.

Unzip all files on your computer and then open your FTP software.

2. Upload all the wordpress files to /httpdocs/ folder on our server.

IMPORTANT: On the server side, browse to /httpdocs/wp-content/
Create a folder named "upload". Go into the new folder. Then create a series of new folders signifying year/month, eg

Why doesnt Wordpress do this automatically? It tries to during the initial setup but frequently fails and ignores the issue. To avoid future problems, you MUST create those folders manually through FTP.

3. Create a database. Login to the hosting control panel and navigate to:
Home > Databases > Create db
Choose your database name, username and password.

4. Go to your Wordpress installation setup and enter the database details. Installation does the rest.

5. If you encounter problems when trying to install plugins or themes, we may have to turn off safe_mode. Email support to request this (only if you have problems).

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