Dedicated Servers

All The Benefits of Dedicated Servers and None of The Hassle

We don't just leave the server as a bare-bones install. The techs will spend several full days installing software, testing, optimisation, patching etc.

Total Server Management includes all software set-ups including Operating System, internal firewalls, virus scanning, security enhancements, patches, malicious script blockers, and other critical elements to ensure the server is reliable, secure & stable.

Your dedicated server will be brought up to a full-scale professional hosting level, just like our other servers. As you will have a dedicated server just for your websites, you can expect brilliant performance, fast speeds and full usage of all available resources. No other clients slowing you down.

The key difference between the USA & Australian server is the Data Transfer allocation. This is the state of the Australian hosting market where bandwidth is purchased very differently (and through multiple sources) than the US.

This shouldn't deter you from Australian servers though, as we have found the huge benefits in speed and accessibility far outweighs the costs.

Also, it would take a LOT of bandwidth to exceed the allocation each month.

It would be assumed (and hoped) that such large amounts of traffic to your websites would convert into large sales and profits for you.
Benefits of Hosting with us.
world-class network performance and exceptional uptime.
load balancing ensures no single point of failure.
upgrade your web hosting with ease.
virtualised webspace ensures only you can access your content.
blazing fast websites and email access.
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