Hotmail & Outlook Online

To collect mail from our server through Hotmail or Outlook Online, please follow these steps.

1. After you login, click on the cog icon on the top right-hand side, then Options.

2. Under 'Managing Your Account', click on 'Import email accounts'.

3. Click 'Other email provider' and then 'Advanced Options'.

NOTE: We're going to setup your account so that mail is retrieved and removed from our server. This is essential to make sure your mailbox does not get full on our side.

4. Click 'My provider doesn't support IMAP' (we do, but click this anyway).

5. Choose option 'Import from POP3 by adding your account to'.

6. Click 'Advanced Options'.

NOTE: The image below shows the best options to select on the following screen. Remember that your username is your email address.

7. You can choose to create a new folder or use existing Inbox. Up to you. I choose to create a new folder to keep business and personal separate.

8. You will be sent an email to verify your account. You can collect that email from http://webmail.{yourdomain}
Click the link in the email.

9. Go back and click on the cog icon again in the top right-hand corner, then Options.

10. Select 'Your email accounts' and change the 'Default "From" address' to your new one.

That was quite the marathon! Gee, thanks Microsoft! That's it. All done.
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