Web2Mail Form

Similar to FormMail - Allow website visitors to send you emails through a web-based form.


These type of forms have been superceded by PHP based forms using captcha (security code) techniques.
Download Captcha Form


Installation is a snap! After having downloaded the zip file and unzipping it, you should have the following:
web2mail.cgi - the actual script.
web2mail.html - example html page that calls the script.
readme.txt - Advanced configuration instructions.

You can change the example html page to your liking.


Open the web2mail.cgi file in wordpad or notepad, find the following lines:

@referers = qw(yourdomain.com.au localhost);  
@allow_mail_to = qw(email@yourdomain.com.au localhost);

Replace 'yourdomain.com.au' with your domain name. 
Also replace 'email@yourdomain.com.au' with your email address. This is where the form results will be sent.


Using your favorite FTP program, such as WS_FTP that we recommend, upload the web2mail.cgi script to your cgi-bin directory. Make absolutely certain that when uploading, your FTP software is set to ASCII and not BINARY. If you upload it in BINARY mode it will be corrupted. All Perl scripts must be uploaded in ASCII mode.


The following is important, and MUST be done. We need to change the attributes of the web2mail.cgi script to 755. In Unix this is called a CHMOD 755. However; most Windows based FTP programs will simply refer to it as "attributes". In your FTP program, right-click on the file to find the command either 'permissions', 'chmod' or 'attributes'. If your program brings up a box with 9 tick-boxes, tick all except for 'group write' and 'public/other write'. If your program allows you to type in a number, enter 755.

If using WS_FTP, click once on web2mail.cgi so that it is highlighted. Then right-click your mouse on the highlighted file and select chmod(Unix). You will be presented with 9 boxes. Tick all boxes to make a "C" shape (only 2 boxes unticked).


Now, upload web2mail.html to your /httpdocs/ directory, again making certain to use ASCII mode.

Congratulations! You have just installed web2mail on your site! To run the script, point your favourite web browser to: http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail.html


If your script will not run, follow the checklist below.

1. Did you edit the web2mail.cgi file to add your domain and email address?

2. Did you upload the webmail.cgi file in ASCII mode?

3. Did you place it in your cgi-bin directory?

4. Did you set the attributes (CHMOD) to 755?

5. Is your cgi-bin directory attributes (CHMOD) set to 755?

6. Did you open web2mail.cgi on your PC using Notepad or some other Windows based editor?

If so, chances are you inadvertently added Carriage Returns, Line Feeds and other ASCII characters that Unix cannot handle. Please contact Tech Support, and we will purge the script for you.